miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2017


It was a very special day so in our different English classes we worked some important values: friendship, respect, sharing, happiness, kindness… We told a nice story about a beautiful fish with many sparkling scales, he was called ‘The Rainbow Fish’. He didn’t want to share their shiny scales and he felt sad and very lonely. At the end, she shared his scales and he was very happy.
Children (2nd and 4th level) made a fantastic job where we could see that ‘the fish were all so pleased with their new shiny scales they became friends with the Rainbow Fish’. Congratulations children!

The youngest ones (4 years) made a magic trick ‘Abracadabra, Abracadoo…!!! to show us how to share peace all over the world. 
You only need a magic wand and a top hat.

We made nice peace hands with children from different countries, too. Excellent!!!

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