jueves, 12 de enero de 2017


In the UK it’s a tradition for many people to have crackers at Christmas. Crackers have got a paper crown, a small gift or toy and a joke inside. One person pulls one end of the cracker and another person pulls the other end. The cracker goes ‘pop’ and the contents fall out.
We made a decorative Christmas cracker.

We spoke about different Christmas traditions in the UK, too. We made and wrote nice Christmas cards.

In our Natural Science class we made and experiment to show the process of respiration and to describe and see the process of breathing in and out. We made it with recycled material that you can find at home: balloons, straws, a plastic bottle, a plastic bag, tape and plasticine.
We saw how we breathe and we identified the different organs: lungs, diaphragm, trachea, bronchi, …
It was a great experience for children. They loved it!

In one of the Social Science class María showed us a project about the rivers of Spain and Castile- La Mancha, the different watersheds and their characteristics. We enjoyed playing and learning.
Excellent job María! Thank you!

Sara de la Torre de la Vega.

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